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Yvette Coleman,

I have always since a little girl enjoyed decorating Family and friends, Christmas Trees and always decorating  for parties and family events.  

I started 13 years ago designing jewelry which was a great creative outlet for me.   I  was giving the role of  caregiver for my parents so being creative gave me an outlet .  I attended an in home jewelry show with my sister and she said yvette you can do this and from that day I never stopped and as time went on I just grew and grew and went from working with gem stones to leather and creating art on my  leather Designs.  Designing Jewelry is my  first love . 


Then I started to assist friends and family in their home decor,  helping them choose paint colors , furnishings and accessories.  So during the pandemic I wanted to broaden my knowledge of Interior Design so I decided to go back to school and get my degree in Architecture and Interior design. 

Another talent I started was sewing and building doll houses and this is where the idea came from to start my line of Pillows and design accessories for doll houses and take Special Orders to build doll houses for clients.

I have a undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Washington Adventist University and currently enrolled at  Anne Arundel Community College, pursuing my Associates Degree in Architecture and Interior Design. 

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